Debian GNU/Linux

Debian is a free operating system for your computer. I’ve been a Debian user since 1999 and became a Debian Developer in 2009. My contributions are mostly on packaging maintenance and DebConf organization.


Les Fruits Défendus

Les Fruits Défendus is a Montreal’s volunteer-led urban fruit harvesting collective. Besides participating on harvests and other tasks, I developed the current system for harvest management, called Saskatoon.


Radio Pyo

Radio Pyo is an online radio station that plays music written in Python, using the pyo library.



QLive is a cross-platform cues-based software to help the creation of mixed music (live instruments + electronic).



PyMapperGUI is a GUI for libmapper written in Python and wxWidgets. It might be deprecated at this point. Any takers?



I use musescore website to organize some of my scores and recordings.



Random documentation for my own needs. Sometimes useful for others as well.