3d printing

Creality Ender3

This is my first and current printer. Bought from banggood.com in Sep2018. Paid CAD $251. Arrived in 20 days, free shipping, no import fees. 


Hatchbox Wood PLA

Usually expensive, but I found a deal(?) and bought one for CAD $29. First 3 prints clogged my 0.2mm nozzle. Many people say it’s close to impossible to use such a resolution with a wood PLA. However, by reducing the nozzle temperature to 190c-200c, bed to 50c, using retraction and raising the print speed to 80mm/s I’m having wonderful results.

First successful wood PLA print with a 0.2mm nozzle (0.1mm resolution).

Update #1: Indeed, it’s quite a challenge printing wood PLA on 0.2mm nozzles. Getting it clogged often. I’m using 0.4mm now and will try 0.8mm soon. 


Beautiful results, but very fragile at <~40% infill. Can’t see the printed lines when using a 0.2mm nozzle. It gives a nive black mate result, not shiny as the other black filaments that I’ve tried. I use regular Cura settings for this one, raising the nozzle temperature to 210-220c.

Solutech3d PLA

So far I tried the “Real white” and “Real black” ones. Both easily printable. Their white is not bright and I really like that. The black one is too shiny for my taste and I’ll probably keep the SUNLU PLA+ instead.


Hard, easy to print, cheap. Not super, but this thing just works at mostly any setup.

SainSmart TPU

Getting good results at 225c nozzle, 60c bed, 60mm/s (70mm/s is also fine).


  • Vibration dampers
  • Quiet fan


I use the following tools for my 3d printing work:


These are some 3d models I designed myself.